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W-2 Employee 4up Quad Copies C/B/2/2


Form - W-2 Wage & Tax Statement. Print copies C/B/2/2 for one employee on the 4-up Quadrant form.  Current year employee instructions start on top left (copy B) and continue to top right (copy C)  Bottom is blank.  Print, fold, and insert in compatible envelope. Order by the sheet.

Compatible Envelope: 80558 (Moisture Seal) | 80558S (Self Seal)

Construction: Laser Preprinted
Form: W-2
Form Name: Wage and Tax Statement
Pages: 1
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Copies_(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): C - Employee Record | B - Employee Federal | 2 - Employee State, City or Local |  2 - Employee State, City or Local
Forms /Sheet: 4up
Ink Color: Black 
Horizontal Perforation: 5 1/2"
Vertical Perforation: 4 1/4" 

Minimum qty of 25. Order in increments of 25.